"With an enthusiastic team you can achieve almost anything" -Tahir Shah

From left to right: Servio H. Ramirez PhD (PI), Tetyana buzhdygan PhD (Postdoctoral Fellow), Cassidy Rodrigues (NIDA mentorship program), Jana Kahn (Technician), Allison M. Andrews PhD (Assistant Professor), Byron Udegbe (Postback and OHEDI scholar), Trent Bullock (graduate student), Hanna McGary (Technician), Roshanak Razmpour (Senior laboratory manager/scientist), Caitlyn Vega (Psychology/Neuroscience undergrad TU), Jessika Patel (CST/Neuroscience undergrad TU), Lee-Anne Canella PhD (recent graduate of the lab)

Although not pictured here, our group includes the outstanding participation and dedication of:  undergraduate students (Neuroscience majors from CST and CLA -Main campus) involved in year long independent studies, medical students via the summer research for medical students program, and visiting scholars.

Servio H. Ramirez, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor,                        Director Histopathology Research Core
Dept. of Pathology & Lab Medicine
Temple University School of Medicine
3500 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Tel: 215-707-2741 (Office),               215-707-7622 (Lab)
E-mail: servio@temple.edu

About the Principal Investigator:  Dr. Ramirez specializes in the study of neuroinflammation.  Particularly as it relates to CNS infection, drugs of abuse, sepsis and brain injury.

Dr. Ramirez received his Bachelors of Science degree in Biotechnology (Genetic Engineering) from the Rochester Institute of Technology (NY).  He then attended the University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry (NY) where he received his doctorate in Immunology, Microbiology and Virology.  His postdoctoral training was at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC).  At UNMC in the Department of Pharmacology & Experimental Neuroscience he worked with world renowned Blood-Brain Barrier biologist, Dr. Yuri Persidsky.  In 2008, Dr. Ramirez moved to the Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, where he is currently an Associate Professor and Director of the Histopathology Research Core in the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine.  At Temple University, Dr. Ramirez also holds appointments at the Center for Substance Abuse Research, the Shriners Children's Hospital Research Center (which is housed within Temple) and the Temple University Concussion and Athletic Neurotrauma Program.  Dr. Ramirez has published extensively on neuroscience, cerebrovascular biology and neuroinflammation.  As a reviewer he serves as a standing member for the CSR/NIH BINP study section and also as a reviewer for the CDMRP/DOD, the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, the Israeli Science foundation, the UK-MRC and private funding agencies.  

For prospective students, Dr. Ramirez lectures in the following courses:

The Lewis Katz School of Medicine (for 4th year medical students):  Advanced Neuroanatomy Elective (Fall/Spring) 

Dept. of Medical Genetics and Molecular Biochemistry (course #8706 –Spring semester):  Structure and Dynamics of Biomolecules

Dept. of Neuroscience (course #8703 –Spring semester): Translational Science of Nervous System Diseases

Dept. of Pharmacology (course #8805 –Spring semester): Pharmacology of Drugs of Abuse

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